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Witness Familiarisation Training For Essential Preparation

We understand that appearing as a witness can be a stressful and nerve-wracking experience for a lot of people, especially for witnesses unfamiliar with courtroom or tribunal settings. Whilst lawyers are trained in courtroom etiquette and techniques for questioning, inexperienced witnesses are often unsure of what to expect.

Our Witness Familiarisation training seeks to overcome any disadvantages they may face as a result of a lack of knowledge of the process, thus enabling witnesses to give their best at the hearing. The course is tailored according to the type of witness and the particular legal forum in which they are due to give evidence, including:

  • Arbitration
  • High Court
  • Tribunal
  • Public Inquiries
  • Coroner’s Inquest
  • Crown Court
  • Employment Tribunal
  • Professional Disciplinary Hearings

Our Witness familiarisation courses can be conducted in person (face-to-face) or virtually (online) depending on the requirements of the witnesses.

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Witness Familiarisation Course Content

Here’s what witnesses can expect to learn from our Witness Familiarisation courses. We can tailor the content to the requirements of each witness.

Live Session:

  • The role and responsibilities of a witness
  • Giving evidence at an adversarial or inquisitorial hearing
  • Addressing the decision-maker(s)
  • Procedure at the hearing
  • How to prepare before giving evidence
  • Understanding and handling a range of cross-examination techniques
  • Mock cross-examination with constructive feedback

Video Tutorials:

  • Who’s who at the hearing
  • Modes of address
  • The oath and affirmation
  • Examination-in-chief
  • Cross-examination and re-examination
  • Giving evidence at remote hearings

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"My experience with Public Inquiries was very limited, so I had a great deal of uncertainty of the process and what would be required of me.  The Veritas courses clarified the process and took away some of the fear of the unknown that I had.  Once that was achieved, I was able to work with my trainer to better understand how I should present myself in what was sure to be a challenging situation. The training enabled me to give an open and honest account of the situation, in a calm manner, in a way that I believe benefitted the Inquiry."

Paul Cooper, Director - Wallace Whittle

“Coaching of witnesses is forbidden but witness familiarisation courses are permitted and can be an invaluable modern tool as part of any trial preparation. Veritas Witness Training provides courses intended to give witnesses a deeper understanding of the trial process, leaving them better able to focus on giving evidence calmly and in their own words. Veritas's courses cover a range of essential theoretical and practical skills for any witness, including mock examination-in-chief and cross-examination sessions."

Jamas Hodivala KC - Matrix Chambers

"Being my first time as a factual witness, I was preparing myself for the worst, or so I thoughtI felt well prepared following the Veritas Witness Training Witness Familiarisation course and entered the cross-examination with bolstered confidence. The trainers were extremely knowledgeable, and the feedback provided throughout the situational discussions was extremely helpful. I was able to identify opposing counsel’s tactics and, in turn, was able to structure responses and apply overall strategy in my responses. This training is highly recommended and a must for any inexperienced witnesses."

L. Nigel Burgess, Head of Regulation, Regulatory Authority of Bermuda - Factual Witness at the Supreme Court of Bermuda

"As the witness of fact in a complex factual case, the Veritas Witness Training course was hugely beneficial. The course provided me with an insight as to the tactics that counsel might use to undermine me and in turn my evidence and, importantly, advice on how to address such tactics. I gained confidence and reassurance that I could focus on my evidence."

James Higgins, Group Finance Director - Factual Witness at the First-tier Tribunal (Tax)

"I was extremely impressed by the help I received from my Veritas trainer. This was carried out in a friendly and informal manner, and undoubtedly helped me cope with a 7 hour Public Inquiry witness session.  I would recommend this company and will be returning to them myself in the not too distant future."

Stewart McKechnie, Director - Factual Witness at the Scottish Hospitals Inquiry

"Having just completed the Veritas Witness Training course, I can highly recommend it. The trainer could not have been more approachable, knowledgeable or effective. Pragmatically, Veritas Witness Training was very organised and dealt with everything smoothly, including liaising with our lawyers. I now feel well prepared and could not be happier with my experience."

Darren Minton, Technical Manager - Watson Wild & Baker

"I have given evidence before, but not for some time and the course really helped to refresh my knowledge on what to expect, how to approach giving evidence and how I should prepare. I found the experience of practicing cross-examination useful to improve the way in which I structured my responses. It gave me confidence in how to approach any challenges that I might experience in giving my evidence."

Factual Witness - Employment Tribunal

"The training was definitely useful and worth it. It made me aware of what to look out for, in terms of tactics counsel may use, and I was more confident than I would have been if I didn’t take the course.  Both trainers were amazing and they answered any questions or doubts that I had."

Fahid Bala - Factual Witness at the High Court

"Veritas Witness Training provide an excellent Witness Familiarisation course and all our witnesses are now much more confident about the prospect of giving evidence after undertaking the course. I highly recommend their training to anyone seeking to help their witnesses prepare for trial."

John Messore, Managing Director - Innovation Professional Services

"I would recommend the training, and particularly the situational discussions, to anyone preparing to attend court for the first time."

Nick Gibb, Deputy Managing Director - Factual Witness at the First-tier Tribunal (Tax)

“I really appreciate the service provided by your company. It was very informative and enlightening while being fresh and clear in presentation. I greatly benefitted from your training, which helped me in the trial to have a better understanding of the process and to be clear and confident in response to cross-examination

Lucas Khazai, Director - Factual Witness at the High Court

"The course delivered by Veritas Witness Training was both engaging and informative, and has helped a great deal in my preparation and confidence ahead of the tribunal."

Graham Dundas, Chief Financial Officer - Willmott Dixon

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