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Comprehensive Witness Preparation 

This is a one-day course delivered by two trainers, an experienced advocate and a specialist communication skills trainer.  The course is tailored to the specific needs of the individual witness.

Participants will cover all the content of our standard Witness Familiarisation course, including the role of the witness, the procedure at the hearing, how to prepare before giving evidence and how to confidently handle a full range of cross-examination techniques.

Additionally, our communication skills trainer will provide witnesses with practical advice on how to manage stress and anxiety during the hearing, to help them remain calm and composed whilst giving evidence.  The training will cover how to actively listen to questions, and how to control verbal communication including using tone of voice effectively to express the correct emotion. Witnesses will learn to become aware of the non-verbal messages they send out and the impact this can have on decision makers.

The witnesses will be cross-examined by the advocate in a mock trial setting and receive detailed and constructive feedback on their performance from both the advocate and the communication skills trainer.

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Witness Communication Skills Course Content

  • The role and responsibilities of a witness
  • Addressing the decision-maker(s)
  • Procedure at the hearing
  • How to prepare before giving evidence
  • Understanding and handling a range of cross-examination techniques
  • Using diaphragm breathing to calm nerves and anxiety
  • Understanding and demonstrating active listening
  • Awareness of non-verbal cues
  • Using tone of voice effectively
  • Understanding and demonstrating control of verbal communication
  • Mock cross-examination with constructive feedback from both trainers

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